Three high-profile international conferences on the topic of complex data
have been scheduled to take place in Padova in 2018, 2020, 2022, involving world-famous scientists.

Each conference comprises a session on complex data intended for scholars and researchers, plus popular science sessions also open to businesses.

Advanced Statistics for Physics Discovery – 2018
The conference “Advanced Statistics for Physics Discovery” was held on 24-25 September 2018 at the Department of Statistical Sciences.
It was an excellent opportunity to discuss and share the most advanced statistical methods and models for data analysis in the context of physics and astrophysics research.

European Population Conference (EPC) – 2020
The European Population Conference (EPC) is organized by the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) and will take place on 24-27 June 2020.
The EPC is concerned with population-related issues and the numbers involved are impressive: there will be about 800 participants coming from various countries and different disciplines; during the three days there will be plenary sessions at the start and end, and approximately 100 sessions of oral presentations and posters.