Data Repository
There is a plan to purchase a server capable of containing huge quantities of data. The data in question may include some data already available to the Department, or that the Department may acquire on the strength of agreements/conventions, and data obtained for research or training purposes.

Hi-performance calculator
This is a high-powered calculation infrastructure, called CAPRI, acquired by the Department of Statistical Sciences together with the Departments of Information Engineering, Chemical Sciences, Civil Engineering, and Physics at Padova University.
The calculator has unique characteristics amongst the equipment available at the university: it is a high-performance shared memory system, based on a hybrid CPU+GPU system with a huge amount of RAM, designed specifically for high-intensity computing applications. It will be located in the machine hall at the Department of Information Engineering (DEI).

Multifunctional area
A multifunctional area will be created at the S. Caterina complex where the Department is based. It will be used to hold meetings with businesses, training courses and professional refresher courses, and innovative teaching activities. The scheme is part of a broader project to improve and make full use of the complex’s equipment and history with a view to making it more welcoming and inclusive for students and visitors.