The Department of Statistical Sciences at Padua University offers scholarships for students attending masters courses in Statistical Sciences, or having graduated in the previous six months, who wish to take part in a research project, study or work internship abroad with an international organization.

The project can be undertaken during the two years of the master’s degree course or soon afterwards. It can be associated with the preparation of a student’s final dissertation, or with other topics and areas of statistical interest.

The Department’s aim is to nurture the international sensitivity and expertise of students on its master’s degree course, paying particular attention to awareness of the role of statistics in the dynamics of cooperation and international relations, both in developing countries and in relation to international organizations.

Statistics for growth” is the specific cycle of meetings that are held at the Department to present the scholarship opportunities and to provide an opportunity for an exchange of views with experts and past students on topics relating to statistics for cooperation.

Candidates are invited to submit their projects for placements with interested parties that they have already contacted, and from which they have received a positive response concerning the feasibility of their project.
For those who have been unable to find an interested party, the Department proposes a number of partner bodies offering such placement opportunities.

There are 4 scholarships, each worth from a minimum of €1,500 to a maximum of €3,000, which are allocated by the assessment commission.

To compete for a scholarship you need to:

  • – be a student on the master’s degree course in Statistical Sciences, or have graduated from it no more than six months previously;
  • – know the language of the country providing hospitality and/or English;
  • – propose a research project, study, or working activity focusing on international problems, for which a stay abroad is relevant.

The project may concern:

  • 1. cooperation and the development of poor countries (AICS, NGOs, etc.);
  • 2. activities at the statistics offices of supranational organizations (UN, World Bank, IMF, OECD, UNHCR, etc.);
  • 3. activities at statistics offices of EU organizations (Eurostat, European Commission, ECB, etc.);
  • 4. activities at statistics offices of ministries or other organizations in a particular country;
  • 5. other international settings.

A commission at the Department awards the scholarships on the grounds of students’ CVs (examinations successfully completed, marks awarded, language certificates), the international organization/project in which the student would be involved, and the content of the proposed project (based on a presentation, a motivational text, a description of what will be done, and logistic information about the timing and methods of completion).
These scholarships are not compatible with Erasmus+ scholarships or any other scholarships awarded to a student for the same international experience.

Students can apply for scholarships during all the year

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